Infinity Miles is unlocking rapid charging with its advanced medium voltage solid-state technology. - Highly efficient and compact extreme fast chargers
- Lower total system cost
- Modular and flexible
- For public charging and fleet applications

Infinity Miles is developing the world’s first commercially available 12.4 kV, 1.5 MW grid-tied Solid-State-Transformer Technology

Infinity Miles is a technology development company specialized in the design and development of grid-tied multi-level converters based on solid-state-transformer (SST) technology.

Our 1.5 MW 3-phase 12 – 13.8 kV consists of 30 cascaded 50 kW modules with high frequency galvanic isolation. This technology eliminates the need for 60Hz 12.4kV to 480V transformers used in conventional fast chargers. Furthermore, our technology offers bidirectional V2G and G2V support as well as the support for local stationary ESS and DEG. Our 1200V output supports traditional CCS and CHAdeMO as well as heavy-duty extreme power MCS dispensers.

Infinity Miles provides:

A comprehensive solution that directly links the distribution grid to consumers by eliminating the need for transformers.  Our modular and flexible solution can power high power multi-dispenser public chargers and seamlessly interface large stationary battery storage systems and wind/solar farms to the grid.  Our bidirectional solution provides a framework for heavy duty V2G and G2V applications particularly through the MCS medium.

Advantages of Infinity Miles’ Technology

Eliminating Transformers

Up to 45% less capital cost by integrating the medium voltage transformer and the charger backend.  Lower real estate requirements encourage installations in highly populated areas. 

Solid State

More efficient than a conventional transformer plus a 480V charger.  Galvanically isolated for a BIL of 80 kV.  We offer both single and three phase SSTs.

Multi – dispenser

Each 1.5 MW SST charger can feed multiple bidirectional dispensers at various power levels to form a public charger.  Dynamic power sharing is controlled by the SST.

Bidirectional and flexible

Supports V2g and G2V through CCS/CHAdeMO/MCS protocols.  Can interface stationary battery systems and wind/solar farms to the medium-voltage grid.  

Our Story

Infinity Miles was established in 2019 starting with a 200kW fast charger technology.

By the end of 2022, the design of our 1.5 MW, 12.5 kV SiC-SST was completed, and we started the prototyping process.  In 2023 we prototyped our first 50 kW cascaded module of this system and testing was started.  We also designed and developed a patent-pending solid-state breaker stage for this module.  Infinity Miles is planning to complete the manufacturing-relevant sample of this 1.5 MW SST charger by the end of 2024.

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